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Learn N3 Kanji Unit 50: 違, 直, 復, 辞, 宿

Learn N3 Kanji Unit 50: 違, 直, 復, 辞, 宿


Meaning : difference, differ

Onyomi :
Kunyomi : ちが-う, ちが-える

Common words using this Kanji:
違反 (いはん): violation; offense; offence; breach
違法 (いほう): illegal; illicit; unlawful
相違 (そうい): difference; discrepancy; variation
非違 (ひい): illegality​

違い (ちがい】 difference, distinction, discrepancy, mistake, error
違う(ちがう):to differ (from); to vary​
間違い(まちがい):mistake; error; blunder​
間違える(まちがえる):to make a mistake (in); to commit an error (e.g. in calculation)​


Meaning : straightaway, honesty, frankness, fix, repair

Onyomi : ちょく
Kunyomi : なお-る, なお-す

Common words using this Kanji:
直る(なおる):to be cured; to get well; to be healed​
直す(なおす):mend; repair; fixe
直接(ちょくせつ):direct; immediate; personal; firsthand​
直線(ちょくせん):straight line​


Meaning : restore, return to, revert, resume

Onyomi : ふく
Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji:
回復(かいふく):restoration; rehabilitation; recovery; return; replevin; improvement​
複数 (ふくすう): plural; multiple; several​
復活 (ふっかつ): revival (of an old system, custom, fashion, etc.); restoration; return; comeback
往復 (おうふく): making a round trip; going and returning; coming and going
復習 (ふくしゅう): review (of learned material); revision
復旧 (ふっきゅう): restoration; restitution; rehabilitation
修復 (しゅうふく): restoration; repair; mending


Meaning : resign, word, term, expression

Onyomi : じ
Kunyomi : や-める

Common words using this Kanji:
辞書 (じしょ): dictionary; lexicon
辞典 (じてん): dictionary; lexicon
辞意 (じい): intention to resign
辞職 (じしょく): resignation
辞退 (じたい): declining; refusal; nonacceptance; turning down
辞任 (じにん): resignation (from a position)

辞める(やめる):to resign; to retire; to quit; to leave (one’s job, etc.)​

250. 宿

Meaning : inn, lodging, relay station, dwell, lodge, be pregnant, home, dwelling

Onyomi : しゅく
Kunyomi : やど

Common words using this Kanji:
宿題 (しゅくだい): homework; assignment
下宿 (げしゅく): boarding; lodging; board and lodging; room and board
宿泊 (しゅくはく): accommodation; lodging
宿命 (しゅくめい): fate; destiny; predestination
民宿 (みんしゅく): guest house

宿(やど):lodging; inn; hotel​
宿屋 (やどや): inn
宿帳 (やどちょう): hotel register