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Learn N3 Kanji Unit 2: 関, 係,断, 横, 押

Learn N3 Kanji Unit 2: 関, 係,断, 横, 押


Meaning : connection, barrier, gateway, involve, concerning

Onyomi : かん
Kunyomi :

Words using this Kanji :
関する(かんする):relate to, involve to
玄関 (げんかん): entrance; front door; entryway; entranceway
関西 (かんさい): Kansai; region consisting of Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and surrounding prefectures
関係 (かんけい): relation; relationship; connection
税関 (ぜいかん): customs; customs house
関税 (かんぜい):tariff (import tax); duty; customs
関心 (かんしん): concern; interest
関連 (かんれん): relation; connection; relevance


Meaning : person in charge, connection, duty, concern oneself

Onyomi : けい
Kunyomi : かかり

Words using this Kanji :
関係 (かんけい):relationship
係り(かかり):in charge of
係数 (けいすう): coefficient; factor; proportional constant
係争 (けいそう): dispute; contention; conflict; controversy
係留 (けいりゅう): mooring; anchorage
係助 (けいじょ): binding particle
係合 (けいごう): joining elements so they mate or hook together (e.g. a clutch); engagement
係属 (けいぞく): connection; relation; association; affiliation


Meaning : severance, decline, refuse, apologize, warn, dismiss, prohibit, decision, judgement, cutting

Onyomi : だん
Kunyomi : ことわ-る

Words using this Kanji :
無断(むだん):without permission; without notice​
断る(ことわる):refuse, dismiss
不断 (ふだん): constancy, persistence
断水 (だんすい): water outage
分断 (ぶんだん): dividing into parts
予断 (よだん): guessing, prediction
中断 (ちゅうだん): interruption, suspension
油断 (ゆだん): negligence, unpreparedness


Meaning : sideways, side, horizontal, width, woof, unreasonable, perverse

Onyomi : おう
Kunyomi : よこ

Words using this Kanji :
横断 (おうだん):cross (road)
横断歩道(おうだんほどう):pedestrian crossing​
横行 (おうこう): being rampant; being widespread; being prevalent
横着 (おうちゃく): laziness; shirking
横柄 (おうへい): arrogant; haughty; insolent
横に (よこに): horizontally; flat
横目 (よこめ): sidelong glance


Meaning : push, stop, check, subdue, attach, seize, weight, shove, press, seal, do in spite of

Onyomi :
Kunyomi : お-す; お-さえる

Words using this Kanji :
押す(おす):press, push
押し入れ (おしいれ): closet
押さえる (おさえる):hold
押収 (おうしゅう): seizure; confiscation
押印 (おういん): affixing a seal (to)
横柄 (おうへい): arrogant; haughty; insolent