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N2 Vocabulary – Unit 6

N2 Vocabulary – Unit 6
All Japanese Vocabulary for JLPT N2. JLPT N2 Vocabulary List.
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No. Kanji Hiragana Meaning
511 最も もっとも the most
512 ほぼ almost
513 相当 そうとう considerably
514 割に/割と/割合い(に/と) わりに/わりと/わりあい(に/と) comparatively
515 多少 たしょう a little; (regardless of ) the amount
516 少々 しょうしょう a little; a moment
517 すべて everything
518 何もかも なにもかも everything, all
519 たっぷり sufficiently; a good ~; easy; loose
520 できるだけ as~ as possible;
521 次第に しだいに gradually
522 徐々に じょじょに little by little
523 さらに still more; again; moreover
524 一層 いっそう more, still
525 一段と いちだんと much, more than ever
526 より more, even
527 結局 けっきょく after all, in the end
528 ようやく at last
529 再び ふたたび again
530 たちまち instantly
531 今度 こんど this time, recently; next time
532 今後 こんご from now on
533 後に のち(に) after, later; future
534 間もなく まもなく soon, before long
535 そのうち(に) someday, shortly
536 やがで soon; in the end
537 いずれ someday; sooner or later
538 先ほど さきほど a little while ago
539 とっくに already, long before
540 すでに already
541 事前に じぜんに beforehand
542 当日 とうじつ that day
543 当時 とうじ in those days, then
544 一時 いちじ once; temporarily; momentary
545 至急 しきゅう immediately, urgently
546 直ちに ただちに immediately; directly
547 早速 さっそく at once, right away
548 いきなり suddenly; without notice
549 つねに つねに always, at all times
550 絶えず たえず continuously
551 しばしば very often, frequently
552 たびたび often, frequently, many times
553 しょっちゅう always, frequently
554 たまに occasionally
555 めったに seldom, rarely
556 にこにこ/にっこり smile happily
557 にやにや/にやりと grin, smirk
558 どきどき/どきりと thump; beat fast
559 はらはら feel uneasy; flutter
560 かんかん be in a rage; blaze
561 びしょびしょ/びっしょり sopping
562 うろうろ hang around, stroll
563 のろのろ slowly, at a snail’s pace
564 ふらふら dizzy; changeable; hardly knowing what one was doing
565 ぶらぶら stroll; idle; swing
566 したがって therefore, consequently
567 だが however, thought
568 ところが but
569 しかも moreover, besides
570 すると just then; in that case
571 なぜなら because, for
572 だって because, as
573 要するに ようするに in short
574 すなわち that is
575 あるいは or; perhaps
576 さて by the way, well
577 では well then; in that case
578 ところで by the way
579 そう言えば そういえば come to think of it
580 ただちに but, provided that