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N1 Vocabulary – Unit 9

N1 Vocabulary – Unit 9
All Japanese Vocabulary for JLPT N1. JLPT N1 Vocabulary List.
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No. Kanji  Hiragana Meaning
701 晴れる はれる to be cleared, dispel, brighten, clear up
702 ばれる to be exposed
703 ばらす to expose, take to pieces
704 すり替える すりかえる to switch (secretly), change the subject, substitute
705 ばらまく to scatter, throw
706 またがる to sit astride, span
707 またぐ to cross, step over, straddle
708 貫く つらぬく to go through, pierce, pass through, carry out
709 のぞく to peep in/out, look in/at
710 控える ひかえる to wait, prepare, be soon, be close, restrict/reduce, refrain from, make notes
711 怠る おこたる to be negligent
712 逃れる のがれる to escape
713 逃す のがす to miss out on, let escape
714 赴く おもむく to set out for, proceed to
715 継ぐ/接ぐ つぐ to succeed (family business, inheritance), graft, replenish
716 打ち切る うちきる to discontinue, stop
717 裂く さく to tear, rip, forcibly separate
718 割く さく to spare (time), use part of something, cut (open)
719 割り当てる わりあてる to allocate, divide among
720 見なす みなす to consider as, to regard as
721 見抜く みぬく to see through
722 見極める みきわめる to see through, make sure of
723 見逃す みのがす to miss, overlook
724 見損なう みそこなう to miss, misjudge
725 見いだす みいだす to find out, discover
726 おだてる to flatter, incite
727 ちやほやする to make a fuss of
728 けなす to belittle, disparage
729 冷やかす ひやかす to make fun of , window shop
730 もてなす welcome, to entertain,
731 仕える つかえる to work for, serve
732 導く みちびく to lead, guide
733 背く そむく to go against, disobey
734 慕う したう to adore, miss
735 察する さっする to sense
736 告げる つげる to inform, tell
737 促す うながす to press, suggest, stimulate
738 委ねる ゆだねる to entrust to, to consign to
739 訴える うったえる to complain, sue, call for, bring to someone’s attention, resort to, appeal to
740 親しむ したしむ to become close to
741 挑む いどむ to challenge, tackle
742 仰ぐ あおぐ to look up, ask for, respect
743 拝む おがむ to put one’s hands together in prayer
744 葬る ほうむる to bury, ostracize
745 思い切る おもいきる to abandon, dare to, be resolute
746 悔いる くいる to regret
747 憤る いきどおる to be angry, to be indignant
748 嘆く なげく to lament
749 うぬぼれる to be conceited
750 もがく to struggle
751 相次ぐ あいつぐ to happen one after the other, to follow
752 出回る でまわる to be on the market, in circulation
753 富む とむ to be rich
754 群がる むらがる to swarm
755 溶け込む とけこむ to fit in, melt into
756 はみ出る/はみ出す はみでる/はみだす to be sticking out/to stick out, overflow, protude
757 弾む はずむ to bounce, be lively, stimulate
758 粘る ねばる to be sticky, persevere, linger
759 化ける ばける to transform into
760 しぼむ to wilt, wither, shrivel
761 たるむ to sag, slack
762 盛る もる to serve (food), fill up, incorporate
763 設ける もうける to create, establish, have (children)
764 催す もよおす to give/hold, feel
765 閉ざす とざす to close, shut
766 埋め立てる うめたてる to reclaim, fill up
767 要する ようする to require
768 優先する ゆうせんする to put first, prioritize
769 遠ざかる とおざかる to get further away, be removed from
770 遠ざける とおざける to move away, to separate
771 浸る ひたる to be submerged in, immersed in
772 浸す ひたす to immerse, soak
773 滅びる ほろびる to be destroyed, ruined
774 滅ぼす ほろぼす to destroy, wreck
775 栄える さかえる to flourish
776 定まる さだまる to be decided, be settled, be fixed
777 定める さだめる to decide, establish, provide (law)
778 なす to form, achieve, do
779 担う になう to shoulder, bear, carry
780 とどまる to remain, stay, be limited to
781 とどめる to retain, stay, stop, limit
782 尽きる つきる to be used up, be exhausted, come to an end, be based only on
783 尽くす つくす to try/do everything, do one’s best, consume
784 臨む のぞむ to look out on, face, treat
785 損なう そこなう to harm, damage
786 漂う ただよう to float, hang in the air, wander
787 満ちる みちる to be full, reach, fulfill
788 満たす みたす to fill, satisfy
789 まかなう to cover, supply
790 匹敵する ひってきする to rival, equal
791 はびこる to overgrow, be rampant
792 陥る おちいる to fall/get/ run into
793 免れる まぬがれる to avoid, exempt
794 勝る まさる to surpass, be superior
795 帯びる おびる to be tinged with, take on, be under the influence of
796 鈍る にぶる to become less capable, weaken, become blunt
797 ありふれる to be common
798 さえる to be clear, to master/excel at, to be dull, uninteresting, unattractive
799 際立つ きわだつ to be prominent, conspicuous
800 ずば抜ける ずばぬける to be outstanding, tower above