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N1 Vocabulary – Unit 12

N1 Vocabulary – Unit 12
All Japanese Vocabulary for JLPT N1. JLPT N1 Vocabulary List.
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No. Kanji  Hiragana Meaning
1001 待望 たいぼう anticipation, long-awaited
1002 節度 せつど moderation
1003 義理 ぎり duty, debt (of gratitude), in-law
1004 情緒 じょうちょ/じょうしょ emotion
1005 動揺 どうよう agitation
1006 むら unevenness, patchiness
1007 風潮 ふうちょう trend, tendency
1008 実態 じったい reality
1009 僕露 ぼくろ exposure, revelation
1010 逃亡 とうぼう escape, flight
1011 逃避 とうひ escape, evasion
1012 第三者 だいさんしゃ third party
1013 言い分 いいぶん point, complaint
1014 言いなり いいなり yes-man, doing as one is told
1015 模倣 もほう imitation, copy
1016 着目 ちゃくもく attention, focus
1017 おもむき charm, appearance
1018 うず swirl, vortex
1019 みぞ drain, gap
1020 おり chance, opportunity
1021 つる to cramp, slant, put up, hang
1022 つるす to hang, suspend
1023 とぐ to sharpen, wash (rice)
1024 もむ / をもむ to massage, squeeze, be trained
1025 揺さぶる ゆさぶる to shake, jolt
1026 もたれる to lean, have indigestion, be difficult to digest
1027 しがみつく to cling
1028 付きまとう つきまとう to follow around
1029 懐く なつく to get used to, become emotionally attached
1030 構う かまう to care about, be concerned about, look after
1031 見せびらかす みせびらかす to show off
1032 ねだる to pester, coax
1033 なだめる to soothe, calm
1034 いたわる to be considerate, take (good) care of
1035 触れ合う ふれあう to touch, come into contact
1036 とぼける to feign ignorance, play the innocent
1037 ごまかす to deceive, cheat, dodge, cover up
1038 脅かす おびやかす to threaten, surprise
1039 おびえる to be frightened, startled
1040 戸惑う とまどう to be perplexed, not know what to do
1041 慎む つつしむ to be careful, avoid, abstain from
1042 わきまえる to be well mannered , know one’s place
1043 惜しむ おしむ to regret, be sad, skimp
1044 はばかる to worry about (what other people think)
1045 手こずる てこずる to have a hard time
1046 懲りる こりる to be disgusted with, to learn from experience
1047 とがめる to feel guilty, blame, take to task
1048 償う つぐなう to compensate, atone for
1049 凝る こる to be absorbed in, be particular about, get stiff
1050 凝らす こらす to concentrate, apply
1051 こだわる to be concerned with, be particular about
1052 徹する てっする to devote oneself to, go through
1053 極める きわめる to succeed, achieve, overcome, go to extremes, master
1054 遂げる とげる to achieve, accomplish
1055 掲げる かかげる to raise, proclaim, promote
1056 図る はかる to work on, promote, attempt
1057 操る あやつる to manipulate, be fluent in (language), handle/ operate
1058 仕切る しきる to partition, manage
1059 施す ほどこす to give, apply, help, add, donate
1060 間に合う まにあう to make do with, be enough
1061 こなす to be good at, complete, achieve
1062 はかどる to make good progress
1063 行き詰まる いきづまる to come up against a wall, reach the limit
1064 滞る とどこおる to delay
1065 据え置く すえおく to erect, defer
1066 携わる たずさわる to engage in
1067 携える たずさえる to carry/take someone/something with you
1068 募る つのる to appeal for, invite, become stronger
1069 押し寄せる おしよせる to surge, descend on
1070 たどる to pursue, trace
1071 探る さぐる to feel around for, sound out, look for
1072 裏付ける うらづける to support, substantiate
1073 うかがう to sound out, see/understand
1074 謀る はかる to plot, aim to
1075 欺く あざむく to deceive, trick
1076 阻む はばむ to obstruct, hinder
1077 遮る さえぎる to block, interrupt
1078 障る さわる to affect, harm, get on one’s nerves
1079 蝕む むしばむ to ruin
1080 こもる to shut oneself up, be confined, be full of, be indistinct
1081 潜む ひそむ to be hidden to be concealed
1082 潜める ひそめる to hide, conceal, lower, become inconspicuous
1083 揺らぐ ゆらぐ to swing, shake, sway
1084 もめる to have a dispute, worry
1085 翻る ひるがえる to flutter, waver
1086 翻す ひるがえす to turn over, change one’s mind, wave
1087 覆る くつがえる to be discredited, overturned, reversed, overthrown
1088 覆す くつがえす to overturn, discredit, reverse, overthrow
1089 ゆがむ/がゆがむ to bend, be distorted, be warped
1090 こじれる to become complicated, become more serious
1091 食い違う くいちがう to differ, clash
1092 隔たる へだたる to be distant
1093 隔てる へだてる to divide, separate
1094 釣り合う つりあう to balance, go well together
1095 絡む からむ to be involved, pick a fight, entwine
1096 絡まる からまる to be entwined, tangled
1097 絡める からめる to mix with, be in conjunction with
1098 紛れる まぎれる to be distracted, diverted, find one’s way, be concealed
1099 紛らす まぎらす to distract, conceal
1100 かさばる to be bulky, cumbersome