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JLPT N2 Grammar: ものなら (mono nara)

ものなら (mono nara)

Meaning: if [A] is possible, then [B]; if one can do something.

How to use the: Verb-potential + ものなら

If ~ (used when hoping for something difficult or impossible to do – cold expression)

Example sentences:
1, 母の病気が治るものなら、どんな高価な薬でも手に入れたい。
Haha no byōki ga naoru mono nara, don’na kōkana kusuri demo te ni iretai.
If my mother’s illness is cured, I will buy medicine even if it is very expensive

2, 自分一人でやれるものならやってみなさい。
Jibun hitori de yareru mono nara yatte mi nasai.
If possible, then do it yourself

3, あの人にお金を貸そうものなら、決して返してくれませんよ。
Ano hito ni okane o kasou mono nara, kesshite kaeshite kuremasen yo.
If they lend money to them, then they will never return it to you

Used with words that mean ability. In conversation, sometimes use 「もんなら」

Byōki no kodomo o mite iru to, kawareru mono nara kawatte yaritai to omou
When I look at a sick child, if I get sick instead of the child, I will get sick