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Minna No Nihongo Lesson 22 Grammar

Minna No Nihongo Lesson 22 Grammar

1. Modify nouns
In lessons 2 and 8, we have learned about noun modifications such as:
Mr. Miller’s book

New house

Nice house

In Japanese, when modifying nouns, the modifier always precedes the modified part, whether the modifier is word, phrase or sentence. Today we will learn about moderation other than what was shown above.

2. Modify nouns with secondary clauses
– The preceding part modifying the noun must be in the ordinary form. If the subclause is an adjective with an ending [な], replace [だ] with [な], and if a noun, replace [だ] with [の]

For example :
とうきょうへ いくひと
People are going to Tokyo

People do not go to Tokyo

person who went to Tokyo

person did not go to Tokyo

Tall man and black hair

Beautiful and kind

People 60 years old

– You can choose any noun in the sentence, and then convert the sentence into a phrase to add meaning to that noun
For example :
I saw a movie last week

The movie that I watched last week

I will meet you tomorrow

The friend that I will meet on mmai day

The bolded nouns become the modified words, so the accompanying auxiliary words are no longer needed

– Modified nouns are used in many different sentence patterns (such as ミラーさんがすんでいたうち)
For example :
これは ミラーさんがすんでいたうち です。
This is the house Mr. Miller has lived in

わたしはミラーさんがすんでいたうち がすきです。
I like the house Mr. Miller lives in

The house Mr. Miller lived in was old

3. The noun + [が]
In sub-clauses and modifying clauses for nouns and subjects, [が]

For example :
This is the cake Mr. Miller made

4. The verb dictionary form + じかん / ようじ / やくそく
– When we want to talk about time to do something, we use the pre-dictionary verb form [じかん]

For example :
I don’t have time for breakfast

– When we want to express the content of a busy job or a business, we use the preposal dictionary verbs [ようじ] and [やくそく]

For example :
I have an appointment to go to the cinema with you

Yesterday, I had a job to go to the City Administration Office.

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