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Minna No Nihongo Lesson 16 Grammar

Minna No Nihongo Lesson 16 Grammar
Lesson 16 we will learn how to connect verbs, nouns, adjectives and some grammatical structures.

1. The verb form て 、 [verb form て 、] ~
Meaning: Doing ~, doing ~
How to use :
Sentence forms use て to connect two or more verbs together
Put verbs in the order they occur
The timing of the sentence is determined by the final verb
For example :
In the morning, I jog, take a shower and go to work

I go to Kobe, watch a movie and drink tea

2. The adjective ending い → ~くて、~
Meaning: adjective ~, love ~
How to use :
Sentence form used to connect the adjective ending い with another phrase or sentence
When connecting adjectives, [い] must be added [くて], the final adjectives do not remove [い] For example :

ミ ラ ー さ ん は わ か く て 、 げ ん き で す。
Mr. Miller is young and healthy

き の う は て ん き が よ く て 、 あ つ い で す。
The weather was nice and hot yesterday

3. The noun / adjective ending な (omit な) + で 、 ~
Meaning: noun ~ noun ~ or adjective ~, adjective ~
How to use :
Sentence pattern used to connect sentences with nouns / adjectives な with or without the same topic
* sentences with opposite meanings will use [が] For example :
Ms. Karina is Indonesian and is an international student at Kyoto University

Mr. Miller is both handsome and kind

Nara is a beautiful and quiet city

4. The verb 1 form て から 、 The verb 2
Meaning: After verb 1, verb 2
How to use :
Describe after action 1 has finished then action 2 is performed.
The timing of the sentence is determined by the final verb
For example :
After returning home, I worked at my father’s company

After the concert ended, I went to eat at a restaurant

5. Noun 1 は Noun 2 が Adjective
Meaning: The noun 2 of the noun 1 is the adjective
Usage: The noun 1 is the subject of the sentence, in which the adjective modifies the noun 2
For example :
The food in Osaka is delicious

The wine in the Franken region of Germany is famous

Maria’s hair is long

6. どうやって
Meaning: How / how
How to use :
Sample sentences to ask about the order or how to do something.
If you answer, you can use sentence by verb form て
For example :
How to get to university?

Hop on the number 16 bus at Kyoto station and get off in front of the university

7. どの
Meaning: Which one
Usage: standing before nouns, used to identify an object (object / person) in a group of objects 3 or more
For example :
Who is Mr. Santos?

It’s tall and black hair

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