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JLPT N1 Grammar: までもない (made mo nai)

までもない (made mo nai)

Meaning: it’s not necessary to

How to use the: Verb-dictionary form + までもない

Not to the point, no need

Example sentences:
1, 引っ越しといっても荷物をあまり多くないから手伝いに行くまでもないだろう。
Hikkoshi to itte mo nimotsu o amari ōkunaikara tetsudai ni iku made mo naidarou.
Even if you move, you don’t have a lot of luggage so you don’t have to go to help.

2, そんな遠い店まで買いに行くまでもないよ。電話で注文すればすぐ届くんだから。
sonna tooi mise made kai ni iku made mo nai yo. denwa de chuumon sureba sugu todokun dakara.
There’s no need to go to such a far store. Just give them a call and they’ll deliver immediately.

3, このぐらいの雨なら、傘をさすまでもない。
kono gurai no ame nara, kasa o sasu made mo nai.
With this light rain, there’s no need to use the umbrella.

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