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JLPT N4 Kanji: 町 (machi)

JLPT N4 Kanji: (machi)

Meaning: Town; block; village

How to Read:
Onyomi: チョウ (chou)

Kunyomi: まち (machi)

How to write 町:

Common Words Using 町:
町民 (ちょうみん) : townspeople

下町 (したまち) : downtown, backstreets

町議会 (ちょうぎかい) : town council

同町 (どうちょう) : the same town, that town

門前町 (もんぜんまち) : town originally built around a temple or shrine

町 (まち) : town, block, neighborhood, downtown, main street, street, road

町中 (まちなか) : downtown

町並み (まちなみ) : townscape; street (of stores and houses)

街角 (まちかど) : street corner

町はずれ (まちはずれ) : outskirts (of a town); edge (of a town)