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JLPT N3 Grammar: っこない (kkonai)

 っこない (kkonai)

Meaning: no chance of; …is definitely not possible; absolutely no ~, certainly not ~

How to use the:
Verb-ますstem + っこない
Verb-potential stem + っこない

“Certainly not, it cannot happen”. This sentence pattern is used to emphasize the inability. Often not used in formal situations.

Example sentences:
1, 毎日5時間は勉強しなさい。
Mainichi 5-jikan wa benkyō shi nasai.
Every day is learn at least 5 hours

2, そんなこと、できっこないよ。
Son’na ko to, de kikkonai yo.
That can’t be done

3, いくら彼に聞いても、本当のことなんか言いっこないよ。
Ikura kare ni kiite mo, hontō no koto nanka ii kkonai yo.
No matter how much you ask him, he doesn’t tell the truth.

4, 山口さんたんか、頼んだってやってくれっこないよ。
Yamaguchi san tanka, tanonda tte yatte kure kkonai yo.
People like Yamaguchi-kun ask for help, so there’s no helping it

Often used in conversation Shows the subjective judgment of the speaker