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JLPT N5 Kanji: 気 (ki)

JLPT N5 Kanji: (ki)

Meaning: Energy

How to Read:
Onyomi: キ (ki)、 ケ (ke)

Kunyomi: いき (iki)

How to write 気:

Common Words Using 気:
大気 (たいき) : atmosphere
平気 (へいき) : calm, cool, all right, okay
元気 (げんき) : energy, health, energetic, healthy
気分 (きぶん) : feeling, mood
一気 (いっき) : one breath, one go, one sitting
一本気 (いっぽんぎ) : one track mind, single mindedness
人気 (にんき) : popular, popularity
本気 (ほんき) : serious
気 (き) : spirit, energy
気に入る (きにいる) : to be pleased with, to be satisfied with, to be happy with
天気 (てんき) : weather
空気 (くうき) : air, atmosphere
活気 (かっき) : energy, liveliness, vigor, spirit
不人気 (ふにんき) : unpopular
電気 (でんき) : electricity, light
気を付けて(きをつけて) : be careful, take care
病気 (びょうき) : sick, illness, sickness, disease
気持ち (きもち) : feeling
気持ちいい (きもちいい) : good feeling, feeling good, feels good
気付く(きづく) : to realize, to notice