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JLPT N2 Grammar: 代わりに (kawari ni)

代わりに (kawari ni)

Meaning: instead of; in exchange for; to make up for; in return

How to use the:
Verb-casual + 代わりに
Noun + の代わりに

Instead of ~: don’t do ~ but do something else
In turn, instead: do one thing and return another equivalent to it
On the other hand ~: on the other hand is the opposite but perfectly matched with the problem

Example sentences:
1, 私の代わりに山田さんが会議にでる予定です。
Watashi no kawari ni Yamada-san ga kaigi ni deru yoteidesu.
As planned, Yamada will go to the meeting instead of me

2, ママは熱があるので、今日はパパが代わりに迎えにいってあげる。
Mama wa netsu ga aru node, kyō wa papa ga kawari ni mukae ni itte ageru.
Mom have a fever, so today Dad going to pick you up for you

3, 今度転勤して来たこの町は静かでおちついている代わりに交通の便がやや悪い
Kondo tenkin shite kita kono machi wa shizukade ochitsuite iru kawari ni kōtsūnobin ga yaya warui
The city I just moved to was quiet and peaceful but the traffic was not good

4, 後から考えると、スープの代わりにサラダを注文すべきだった。
ato kara kangaeru to, suupu no kawari ni sarada o chuumon subeki datta.
In hindsight, I should have ordered salad instead of soup.

代わりに is similar to かわりに

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