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Kanji alphabet in Japanese

The kanji alphabet is one of the Japanese alphabets, the kanji is a hieroglyphic pattern from ancient times and each Kanji word has many ways of reading depending on the context that it has no rules at all.

So the most effective way to learn the Kanji alphabet is to imagine images of everyday life. This is also a common feature of hieroglyphs similar to Han characters.

Kanji alphabet in Japanese

What is the Kanji alphabet?
As one of the three most important alphabets that must be learned in Japanese, Kanji is the most complex alphabet. Memorizing the Kanji alphabet is a difficult challenge for students to continue to pursue this language because if you do not learn Kanji, you will not be able to learn Japanese.

Why do you need to memorize Kanji
The Japanese alphabet and vocabulary system is a rich and mysterious treasure for learners to discover gradually. In Japanese, the system of homophones but different meanings are many. Without learning Kanji, you will not be able to find the meaning of the word.
Moreover, newspapers, tables, advertisements, etc. all use Kanji to write, so living or studying in Japan forces you to memorize this alphabet despite difficulties.