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JLPT N4 Kanji: 昼 (hiru)

JLPT N4 Kanji: (hiru)

Meaning: Morning; daytime

How to Read:
Onyomi: チュウ (chuu)

Kunyomi: ひる (hiru)

How to write 昼:

Common Words Using 昼:
昼食 (ちゅうしょく) : lunch, midday meal, food served at a tea party (tea ceremony)

春昼 (しゅんちゅう) : spring day (which seems long and quiet)

昼夜 (ちゅうや) : day and night

昼 (ひる) : noon, midday, daytime, lunch

昼間 (ひるま) : daytime, during the day, time from sunrise until sunset

昼寝 (ひるね) : nap

昼ご飯 (ひるごはん) : lunch

昼飯 (ひるめし) : lunch

昼前 (ひるまえ) : morning

昼過ぎ (ひるすぎ) : just past noon

昼休み (ひるやすみ) : lunch break