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JLPT N2 Grammar: 気味 (gimi)

 気味 (gimi)

Meaning: -like, -looking

How to use the:
Verb-ますstem + 気味
Noun + 気味

Describe the meaning of “having such a situation, having such tendencies”

Example sentences:
1, ちょっと風邪気味でせきが出る。
Chotto kaze-gimi de seki ga deru.
I have a cough, seems to catch a cold

2, 彼女は少し緊張気味だった。
Kanojo wa sukoshi kinchō-gimidatta.
She seems a bit nervous

3, ここのところ、少し疲れ気味で、仕事がはかどらない。
Koko no tokoro, sukoshi tsukare-gimi de, shigoto ga hakadoranai.
It seems a bit tired these days, so the work is not very smooth

4, 残業続きで疲れ気味だ。
I’ve been feeling tired because of continuous overtime work.
zangyou tsuzuki de tsukare gimi da.

気味 is similar to ぎみ