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JLPT N5 Grammar: が (ga)

が (ga)

Meaning: but, however, still

How to use the: Sentence 1 + が + Sentence 2

「が」 A serial auxiliary and means “but”. When we use 「が」 to connect two sentences (propositions), we get one sentence. When describing a natural phenomenon, use 「が」 before that topic.

Example sentences:
1. タイ料理はおいしいですが、辛いです。
Tai ryōri wa oishīdesuga, tsuraidesu.
Thai food is delicious but spicy.

2. 雨が降っています
Ame ga futte imasu
It’s raining

3. 水はいらないが、コカコーラをもらえばありがたいね。
mizu wa iranai ga, kokakoora o moraeba arigatai ne.
I don’t want water, but a Coca-Cola would be very nice.

「が」 Used in 「し つ れ で す が」 or 「す み ま せ ん が」 to start a sentence, it no longer has the meaning to concatenate two sentences, only has a continuous meaning.

Sumimasen ga, tetsudatte moraemasen ka?
Excuse me, can you help me?