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JLPT N5 Grammar : があります (ga arimasu)

があります (ga arimasu)

Meaning: there is; is (non-living things)

This form is used to talk about the residence, the existence of objects. The objects here will be the subject of the sentence, and are denoted by the auxiliary  「が」「があります」 for non-moving objects such as furniture and trees.

Example sentences:
1, テーブルの上にコンピュータがあります
Tēburu no ue ni konpyūta ga arimasu
There is a computer on the table

2, へやにてれびがあります。
heya ni terebi ga arimasu.
I have a TV in my room.

3, 1キロくらい行くと、スーパーがあります。
1 Kiro kurai iku to, sūpā ga arimasu.
Going about 1km, there will be supermarkets

4, お金があります。
Okane ga arimasu.
Have money

5, あなたと彼女の意見には違いがありますか?
Anata to kanojo no iken ni wa chigai ga arimasu ka?
Is there a difference between your opinion and her?