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JLPT N3 Grammar: どうやら (dou yara)

どうやら (dou yara)

Meaning: it seems like; it appears that; seemingly

How to use the: どうやら + phrase

Usually used with the form 「どうやら+らいい/ようだ」 Show a situation that is not very well known but looking at it from the state of things looks like or is the last thing

Example sentences:
1, この分でいくと、どうやら桜の開花は早まりそうだ。
Kono-bun de iku to, dou yara sakura no kaika wa hayamari-sōda.
At this rate, it seems that peach blossom this year will bloom soon

2, むこうから歩いて来るのは、どうやら田中さんのようだ。
Mukoukara aruite kuru no wa, dou yara Tanaka-san no yōda.
The pedestrian crossing that street is like Mr. Tanaka

3, どうやらこうやら卒業することができました。
Dou yara kō yara sotsugyō suru koto ga dekimashita.
One way or another, I finally graduated

4, 急いだのでどうやら間に合った。
Isoidanode dou yara maniatta.
Because of the rush, I made it in time

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