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JLPT N2 Grammar: どころか (dokoro ka)

どころか (dokoro ka)

Meaning: far from, anything but, let alone, much less

How to use the:
Verb-casual, non-past + どころか
いadjective + どころか
なadjective + (な)どころか
Noun + どころか

Use when you want to say not at that level but more or that problem is completely different, in contrast to ….

Example sentences:
1, 風雨は弱まるどころか、ますます激しくなる一方だった。
Fūu wa yowamaru dokoro ka, masumasu hageshiku naru ippōdatta.
Rainstorm is not weakened but increasingly bigger

2, 病気どころか、ぴんぴんしている。
Byōki dokoro ka, pinpin shite iru.
I do not have the opposite disease is still very energetic

3, 彼女は静かなどころか、すごいおしゃべりだ
Kanojo wa shizukana dokoroka, sugoi oshaberida
She is no quiet, talkative more is the other side.

4, それで事態は改善されるどころか、かえって混乱してしまった。
It only made things worse instead of better.
sore de jitai wa kaizen sareru dokoro ka, kaette konran shite shimatta.

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