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JLPT N5 Grammar: で (de)

で (de) : Indicates the location of an action

Meaning: in, at, on, with, by

How to use the: Location + で

Describe where the action occurred.
Describe where the event occurred.
Describe the cause
Demonstration method, method, means.
Describe what material / material is made of.
Describe a limited time.

Example sentences:
1. この仕事は明日で終りますか?
Kono shigoto wa ashita de owarimasu ka?
Will this work end tomorrow?

2. はしで食べます。
Hashi de tabe masu.
Eat with chopsticks.

3. 日本でレポートを書きます。
Nihon de repōto o kakimasu.
I write the report in Japanese

4. 駅で新聞を買います。
Eki de shinbun o kaimasu.
I buy newspapers at the station.

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