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JLPT N5 Kanji: 父 (chichi)

JLPT N5 Kanji: (chichi)

Meaning: Father

How to Read:
Onyomi: フ (fu)

Kunyomi: ちち (chichi)、 とう (tou)

How to write 父:

Common Words Using 父:
父母 (ふぼ) : father and mother, parents

父子 (ふし) : father and child, father and son, father and daughter

義父 (ぎふ) : father-in-law, foster father, stepfather

養父 (ようふ) : foster father, adoptive father

祖父 (そふ) : grandfather

祖父母 (そふぼ) : grandparents

父 (ちち) : father

父の日 (ちちのひ) : Father’s Day (3rd Sunday of June)

お父さん (おとうさん) : father

父親 (ちちおや) : father

亡き父 (なきちち) : (one’s) late father

建国の父 (けんこくのちち) : founding father