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Business Japanese vocabulary

Business Japanese vocabulary
Let’s learn Japanese vocabulary lessons on Business topics.
With the desire that Japanese learners can expand their business Japanese vocabulary, we would like to present to you a list of Japanese words that are commonly used in business….

No. 日本語 – Japanese Romaji Meaning
1  船積み (funadumi) line up to ship
2 つなぎ資金 (tsunagi shikin) knee credit
3 口座 (kouza) account
4 荷為替手形 (nikawase tegata) bills of exchange with documents
5 船積書類 (funadumi shorui) delivery documents
6 通産省 (tsuusanshou) Ministry of Industry and Trade
7  填補 (tenbo) compensation
8 財政法案 (zaiseihouan) Finance bill
9 保税 (hozei) tax guarantee, tax debt
10  課税 (kazei) tax
11 留保 (ryuuho) Reserve
12  TACT (東京エア。カーゴ。ターミナル (Tokyou ea.ka-go.taminaru) Tokyo airport
13  輸入申告 (yunyuushinkoku) Import declaration
14 貨物検査 (tamotsukensa) Checking goods
15 納付 (noufu) Tax (payer)
16 生鮮  (seisen) fresh
17 保税運送 (hozeiunsou) freight tax
18 小口貨物  (koguchikamotsu) small batches
19  航空会社 (koukuugaisha) Airlines
20 上屋 (uwaya) warehouse does not
21 意固地 (ikoji) conservative, persistent
22 貿易体制 (bouekitaisei) foreign trade institutions
23  輸入促進地域 (yunyuusokushinchiiki) import promotion area
24 荷捌き  (nisabaki) classification of goods
25 デザイン。イン。センター。 (dezain.in.senta) sample center
26  輸入加工 (yunyuukakou) import processing
27 卸業務 (oroshigyoumu) wholesale business
28 見本市 (mihonichi) fair
29 トレードセンター (tore-dosenta-) shopping mall
30 サポート (sabo-to) help
31 オフィス。スペース (ofisu.sube-su) office
32  個別  (kobetsu) private, personal
33 アドバイス (adobaisu) Feedback
34 アポイント取得 (abointo shutoku) book the program
35 斡旋 (assen) layout, arrangement
36 優遇体制 (yuugutaisei) preferential treament
37 苦情処理 (kujyoushori) handle complaints

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