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Basic Japanese Phrases – Part 22

Basic Japanese Phrases – Part 22
Japanese Phrases for Beginners
Basic Japanese vocabulary
Kanji for digital flash cards
Share with you the list of basic Japanese vocabulary.

Kanji Hiragana/ Katakana Meaning
明かり あかり lamplight, light (in general), brightness
明ける あける to dawn, to become daylight
明らか あきらか obvious, evident, clear
明後日 みょうごにち day after tomorrow
明確 めいかく clear up, clarify, define
是非 ぜひ certainly, without fail
昼食 ちゅうしょく lunch, midday meal
とき (1) time, hour, (2) occasion, moment
時刻 じこく instant, time, moment
時期 じき time, season, period
普段 ふだん usually, habitually, ordinarily, always
景気 けいき business climate, condition, state
暖かい あたたか(い) warm, mild
暗記 あんき memorization, learning by heart
暮らし くらし living, livelihood, subsistence, circumstances
暮らす くらす to live, to get along
暮れ くれ year end, sunset, nightfall, end
くもり cloudiness, cloudy weather, shadow
曜日 ようび day of the week
更に さらに furthermore, again, after all, more and more, moreover
書斎 しょさい study
書物 しょもつ books
書類 しょるい documents, official papers
替える/換える かえる to exchange, to interchange, to substitute, to replace
最も もっとも most, extremely
最中 さいちゅう in the middle of
最低 さいてい least, lowest, worst
最終 さいしゅう last, final, closing
最高 さいこう highest, supreme, the most
つき moon, month
月曜 げつよう・げつようび Monday
有る ある to be, to have(used for inanimate objects)
有利 ゆうり advantageous, better, profitable, lucrative
有効 ゆうこう validity, availability, effectiveness
有能 ゆうのう able, capable, efficient, skill
服装 ふくそう dress, clothes
望み のぞみ wish, desire, (a) hope
望む のぞむ to desire, to wish for, to see, to command (a view of)
期待 きたい expectation, anticipation, hope
期間 きかん period, term
木曜/木曜日 もくよう/もくようび Thursday
未だ まだ yet, still, more, besides
未来 みらい future (life, tense)
すえ the end of, powder
本人 ほんにん the person himself
本当 ほんとう・ほんと truth, reality
本物 ほんもの genuine article
さつ (1) token, label, (2) ticket, (3) charm
材料 ざいりょう ingredients, material
たば handbreadth, bundle
条件 じょうけん conditions, terms
らい , for (10 days), next (year)
まつ (1) pine tree, (2) highest (of a three-tier ranking system)
いた board, plank
handle, grip
がら pattern
栄養 えいよう nutrition, nourishment
かぶ share, stock, stump (of tree)
格好 かっこう shape, form, posture, suitability, appearance
あん plan, suffix meaning draft
案内 あんない・する information, guidance, leading, to guide
さくら cherry blossom, cherry tree
うめ plum, plum-tree, lowest (of a three-tier ranking system)
梅雨 つゆ rainy season, rain during the rainy season
梅雨 ばいう rainy season, rain during the rainy season
ぼう pole, rod, stick
椅子 いす chair
植物 しょくぶつ plant, vegetation
検査 けんさ inspection (e.g. customs, factory), examination
検討 けんとう consideration, examination, investigation, study, scrutiny
きょく a pole
らく comfort, ease
構う かまう to mind, to care about, to be concerned about
構成 こうせい organization, composition
よう way, manner, kind
様々 さまざま varied, various
様子 ようす aspect, state, appearance
模様 もよう pattern, figure, design
権利 けんり right, privilege
横切る よこぎる to cross (e.g. arms), to traverse
横断 おうだん crossing
機嫌 きげん humour, temper, mood
機械 きかい machine, mechanism
機能 きのう function, faculty
機関 きかん organ, mechanism, facility, engine
欠ける かける to be lacking
欠席 けっせき absence, non-attendance
欠点 けってん faults, defect, weakness
欠陥 けっかん defect, fault, deficiency
次々 つぎつぎ in succession, one by one
次第 しだい (1) order, precedence, (2) circumstances, (3) immediate(ly)
歌手 かしゅ singer
歓迎 かんげい welcome, reception
止す よす to cease, to abolish, to resign, to give up
せい (logical) true, regular
正午 しょうご noon, mid-day
正式 せいしき due form, official, formality
正直 しょうじき honesty, integrity, frankness
正確 せいかく accurate, punctuality, exactness, authenticity, veracity
武器 ぶき weapon, arms, ordinance
歩道 ほどう footpath, walkway, sidewalk
死亡 しぼう death, mortality
残す のこす to leave (behind, over), to bequeath, to save, to reserve
残り のこり remnant, residue, remaining, left-over
だん step, stair, flight of steps, grade, rank, level
殺す ころす to kill
母親 ははおや mother
どく poison, toxicant
比較 ひかく comparison
毛布 もうふ blanket
family name, lineage, birth

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