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Basic Japanese Phrases – Part 19

Basic Japanese Phrases – Part 19
Japanese Phrases for Beginners
Basic Japanese vocabulary
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Share with you the list of basic Japanese vocabulary.

Kanji Hiragana/ Katakana Meaning
外す はずす to unfasten, to remove
外交 がいこう diplomacy
外出 がいしゅつ outing, going out
多分 たぶん perhaps, probably
多少 たしょう more or less, somewhat, a little, some
evening, night
夜中 よなか midnight, dead of night
夜明け よあけ dawn, daybreak
夢中 むちゅう daze, (in a) trance, ecstasy, delirium, engrossment
大いに おおいに very, much, greatly
大した たいした considerable, great, important, significant, a big deal
大会 たいかい convention, tournament, mass meeting, rally
大使 たいし ambassador
大半 たいはん majority, mostly, generally
大変 たいへん awful, dreadful, terrible, very
大家 おおや rich family, distinguished family
大戦 たいせん great war, great battle
大抵 たいてい usually, generally
大気 たいき the air, atmosphere
大統領 だいとうりょう president, chief executive
大臣 だいじん cabinet minister
大部分 だいぶぶん most part, greater part, majority
大陸 たいりく continent
天候 てんこう weather
天然 てんねん nature, spontaneity
太陽 たいよう sun, solar
夫人 ふじん wife, Mrs, madam
夫婦 ふうふ married couple, husband and wife
失う うしなう to lose, to part with
失望 しつぼう disappointment, despair
失業 しつぎょう unemployment
奇妙 きみょう strange, queer, curious
契約 けいやく contract, compact, agreement
おく interior, inner part
奨学金 しょうがくきん scholarship
奪う うばう to snatch away
女優 じょゆう actress
女子 じょし woman, girl
女王 じょおう queen
好み このみ liking, taste, choice
好む このむ to like, to prefer
みょう strange, unusual
姉妹 しまい sisters
始まり はじまり origin, beginning
委員 いいん committee member
姿 すがた figure, shape, appearance
婚約 こんやく engagement, betrothal
婦人 ふじん woman, female
よめ bride, daughter-in-law
嫌う きらう to hate, to dislike, to loathe
嬉しい うれしい happy, glad, pleasant
存在 そんざい existence, being
がく learning, scholarship, erudition, knowledge
学ぶ まなぶ  to study (in depth), to learn, to take lessons in
学問 がくもん  scholarship, study, learning
学期 がっき term (school)
学習 がくしゅう  study, learning
学者 がくしゃ scholar
まご grandchild
たく house, home, husband
宇宙 うちゅう universe, cosmos, space
守る まもる to protect, to obey, to guard, to abide (by the rules)
安定 あんてい stability, equilibrium
完了 かんりょう completion, conclusion
完全 かんぜん perfection, completeness
完成 かんせい (1) complete, completion, (2) perfection, accomplishment
宗教 しゅうきょう religion
定期 ていき fixed term
宜しい よろしい (hon) good, OK, all right, fine, very well, will do, may, can
たから treasure
宝石 ほうせき gem, jewel
fruit, nut, seed, content, good result
実に じつに indeed, truly, surely
実は じつは  as a matter of fact, by the way
実施 じっし enforcement, enact, put into practice, carry out, operation
実現 じつげん implementation, materialization, realization
実行 じっこう practice, performance, execution (e.g. program), realization
実際 じっさい practical, actual condition, status quo
実験 じっけん experiment
がい injury, harm, evil influence, damage
家事 かじ housework, domestic chores
家具 かぐ furniture
家賃 やちん rent
容易 ようい easy, simple, plain
宿 やど inn, lodging
宿泊 しゅくはく lodging
寄付 きふ contribution, donation
密な みつな dense, thick
寧ろ むしろ rather, better, instead
審判 しんぱん refereeing, trial, judgement, umpire, referee
つい pair, couple, set
対する たいする to face, to confront, to oppose
対象 たいしょう target, object (of worship, study, etc), subject (of taxation, etc)
専攻 せんこう major subject, special study
尊敬 そんけい  respect, esteem, reverence, honour
尊重 そんちょう respect, esteem, regard
しょう small
小包 こづつみ parcel, package
小屋 こや hut, cabin, shed, (animal) pen
小麦 こむぎ wheat
少々 しょうしょう  just a minute, small quantity
少しも すこしも  anything of, not one bit
少女 しょうじょ daughter, young lady, virgin, maiden, little girl
少年 しょうねん boys, juveniles
尤も もっとも quite right, plausible, natural, but then, although
就く つく  to take (seat, position), to get (a job)
就職 しゅうしょく finding employment, inauguration
しり buttocks, bottom
きょく a bureau, department
居る おる to be (animate), to be, to exist
居眠り いねむり dozing, nodding off
居間 いま living room (western style)
届く とどく to reach
屋根 やね roof
履く はく to wear, to put on (lower body)
いわ rock, crag
きし  bank, coast, shore
あらし storm, tempest
かわ river
しゅう a state, province, county
nest, rookery, breeding place, beehive, cobweb
左右 さゆう (1) left and right, (2) influence, control, domination
巨大 きょだい huge, gigantic, enormous
difference, variation
差別 さべつ discrimination, distinction, differentiation
いち market, fair
市場 いちば (the) market (as a concept)
ぬの cloth
希望 きぼう hope, wish, aspiration
おび band (e.g. conduction, valence)
帰宅 きたく returning home
常に つねに always, constantly
常識 じょうしき common sense
はば width, breadth
まく curtain, bunting, act (in play)

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