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JLPT N2 Grammar: ばいいのに (ba ii noni)

ばいいのに (ba ii noni)

Meaning: If only; wish; You should ( suggestion the opposite of what other person is doing or not doing)

How to use the: ば(conditional form) + いいのに

Use when expressing feelings of regret, regret, or admonition (opposite of what others are doing)

Example sentences:
1, 彼はここにいて、私を助けてくれればいいのに。
Kare wa koko ni ite, watashi o tasukete kurereba ii noni.
I wish he was here and could help me.

2, たくさんお金があればいいのに。
Takusan okane ga areba ii noni.
I wish I had a lot of money

3, もっと勉強すればいいのに。
Motto benkyō sureba ii noni.
I wish I could study more.

This sentence pattern is often used to express the speaker’s feelings and the end of the sentence will be ばいいのに, or just add a few words of exclamation like なあ.

Watashi ga kyōshideareba ii noni nā
If only I were a teacher

With nouns, the conversion is as follows: Nでいればいいのに