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Download 新日本语能力考试N4 语法练习篇 PDF

新日本语能力考试N4 语法练习篇

Each set of questions is divided into three types of questions. Question type 1 fills in the blanks of the selected words, mainly examines the grammar knowledge of the candidate; the question type 2 is the permutation and combination, selects the standard option, and examines the language organization ability of the candidate’s Japanese single sentence; the question type 3 is a comprehensive application, and examines the candidate in the article. Japanese application ability and expression ability.
This book is not only a companion book for the N3 Grammar Interpretation of the New Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It is also a rare practice counseling book for candidates taking the new exam.
The book is written based on the N4 grammar sample. It is divided into two parts: the achievement is qualified and the challenge is high. A total of 50 sets of questions are rich in questions, and the difficulty level of the questions is close to the real question.
(If possible, you should buy original books at bookstores.)

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